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1. How to Request A Free Estimation From Our Website

We are always pleased to help you with your queries. To get a free estimation from our company, simply fill up a form for estimation requests and wait to hear back from us.

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2. Site Visit

We believe in transparency. If you would like a site visit, our team will contact you for schedule a date to visit the site of work. These site visits will give us the opportunity to meet with you and assess the project site in person. As already mentioned above, a site visit will help us form a proper relationship, which will only help us to run our business smoothly.

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3. Drawings, Plans, Design

We always want our clients to be happy and content with our services. After a formal site visit, we can start with the project planning. Through our visual planning, we will bring your dream to life before it becomes a reality. We promise to provide you with the result you desire. For necessary changes, you can even work with us or provide necessary suggestions.

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4. Cost Budget

You can stay assured about our budget plans. All construction service expenses will be affordable and won’t be hard for your pockets. A detailed scope of the project plan will be provided along with a cost estimate. Negotiations can be done.

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5. Sign Contract & Provide deposit

Once we understand each other's needs, we have nothing much left to do except for signing the contract. After accepting our proposal, a formal scheduling deposit must be made in order to book your dates with us and completely solidify our agreement. We can soon set a construction date according to your choice.

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6. Construction Phase

After completing the planning phase of your project, we can move on to the next thing. It is beginning the construction. Regular updates will be made to your company regarding the construction. Thus, you can stay informed and involved in the construction process.

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7. Handover

After completion of the construction process, our site in-charge team will schedule a final walkthrough with you. This will allow you to review the results and consult with our experts about any changes or additions. Only after the final decision from your side, we will move on to the remaining payment process.

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