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If you've been in search of the best construction services, you don't have to wander any further. A. Catedral Construction Inc is at your service!


We engage in providing construction services to general contractors and owners in the residential and commercial sectors. We have expertise in implementing the best procedures to deliver the best cost-benefit ratio, quality, and reliability to our clients.


Our Founder

It is all because of our founder,- Antonio Catedral that we have come so far. With more than 20 years of experience, he took the next step in his career with A. Catedral Construction Inc. As a project manager for almost a decade before starting our company, he is known for his ability, dedication, and operational excellence. He is now in charge of our construction crew.

Why Us?

As a client of our company, you will have direct access to highly qualified and experienced consultants who can assist you in planning, building design, construction management, supervision, and maintenance. A. Catedral Construction Inc. has worked on various construction projects, including residential housing, schools, hotels, sports centres, factories, and health centres.


We help our clients to meet their goals, we collaborate and innovate, providing quality service on time at a reasonable cost, looking the schedule, minimizing safety personnel safety risks, and staying within budget.


We aim to deliver unique construction solutions to our clients. Hiring us will be the best decision you ever take for your company. We vow to provide the promised results.


Procedures We Maintain

A. Catedral Construction Inc. does a professional job. Thus, we have a set of procedures and regulations to follow to provide our clients with the best services. The procedures are as follows:

Personnel recruitment procedure:

Identifying potential employees who have the skills necessary to achieve our organization's goals and attracting them to the company.

Procedure for estimating and budgeting:

It is defined as the process of effectively and efficiently planning project costs and budgets.

Procedure for planning time, cost, and resources:

This process includes identifying, predicting, and distributing various business resources at the appropriate time and cost.

Procedure for assessing risk:

This procedure recognizes, analyses, and controls risk logically and efficiently.

Procedure for Quality Assurance:

Is a procedure that ensures the quality of the services provided to the customer or clients by us.

HSE Procedure:

This procedure assists employers in addressing to treat with the health, safety and environmental protection in the work

Procedure for Contract Management:

This procedure lays out all essential details about how a contract will be handled. It establishes systems, responsibilities, and processes to ensure that the contract's terms and conditions are followed throughout its life cycle.

Procedure for Physical and Financial Advance Reports:

This procedure includes creating statements that inform management, investors, and the government about of financial and physical advance of the projects.

Keeping these procedures in place ensures a smooth business relationship between our client and us. Contact us if you have any queries.

Mission And Values

A. Catedral Construction Inc. aspires to be the #1 choice in Hamilton and the Grand Toronto Area for general contractors and property owners. They use modern principles and sophisticated technologies to provide renowned excellence, quality, reliability, and performance in their work.


By consistently exceeding international standards and providing outstanding customer service, we strive to become the leading construction company. We intend to provide excellent value and innovative construction solutions to our clients on a consistent basis.

Our Values

Passion For the Client: It is our nature to always search for the best possible way to satisfy our client's desires and needs. As part of our efforts to make sure clients are satisfied and happy, we place ourselves in their position and evaluate our performance.



We believe that unity makes us strong. Together we can achieve anything. Thus, we tend to make sure that there is clear communication with our clients and that no misunderstandings occur. This way, we can create a healthy alliance and achieve common goals.


Trust and Mutual Respect

To reach the goal together, we try to create a hospitable environment so that our clients and our professionals understand each other and respect each other's decisions.


Impeccable Execution

Time is money, and thus, performing tasks quickly yet efficiently is what we believe. We eliminate obstacles and unnecessary processes which tend to delay the results. We think living with a sense of urgency is essential.


Continuous Improvement

With the world progressing every second, it should be our nature to adapt to the changes. To survive in this cut-throat competition, we progress in a well-organized manner, thus avoiding stagnation.



It is necessary, to be honest, and dealing situations professionally. We make sure that there is absolute secrecy in the case of keeping our client's and partners information confidential. Our company prioritizes good moral standards.

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