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Services Related To Construction

Construction services include a wide range of tasks and responsibilities that occur during the construction process. Numerous services and parameters are taken into consideration while the service is being carried out. It doesn’t necessarily stop after a certain project is complete. The construction site should be monitored to ensure the well-being of its occupants. A precise and comprehensive project management plan is necessary to avoid any mishaps from happening.

Following are the services included under construction:

Pre-construction services:

This is where it all begins. In the early stages of a new construction project, the project team must inquire with the client about their vision and needs.  At this stage, an idea becomes a project. The key points of the client's vision are taken into account, in order to unify it with ours to create the final design, plans, budget, permits and more, to have a successful project.


Building Services:

These are the workable construction services related to a building's life cycle. They include:

  • Rough framing installation.

  • drywall installation.

  • Interior finishes and exterior finishes.

  • Construction of exterior hallways and driveway.

  • Hard surface flooring and counter-tops installation.

  • Mechanical trims installation.

  • Flooring finishing.

  • Exterior Landscaping.

  • Basement finishing.

  • Windows and doors installation.

  • Installing of the bathroom, kitchen, salon, bedroom, basement.

The communication at this stage is the most important aspect for the success of the project and allows the warranty period to run smoothly.

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