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Civil Engineer

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Employment Type

Full Time

A Catedral Construction Inc.

Position: Civil Engineer

Job Overview

We are seeking a dedicated civil engineer to join our company. You will collaborate with other engineers and contractors to create effective and sustainable infrastructure designs to improve our city infrastructure.

As a civil engineer, we hope you can put your passion for design and execution to create beautiful, lasting, and sustainable structural work for our city.

Your duties will include:

Ensuring job sites are vacated and secured each night
Reviewing and evaluating all prints and plans for structural, ethical, and sustainability concerns
Striving to deliver infrastructure facets that will serve for a minimum of 20 years with proper maintenance.
Developing and bidding on proposals and maintenance plans for the structure before implementation
Managing and hiring contractors, subcontractors, and structural engineers as needed to ensure budget and timeline adherence
Enhancing dialogue between key stakeholders, such as city council members and civilian assembly members, by providing regular updates
Filing reports at each project milestone, informing the city inspector’s office so that regular evaluations can be conducted
Monitoring project completion status and presenting progress reports at the end of each quarter
If any projects fall behind schedule, putting forward plans and methods of shoring up the project timeline

Below are some of the responsibilities a civil engineer is expected to assume in their position:

Oversee all designs created for the project using Microsoft Teams
Create regular project progress reports in the provided template
Deliver project assets on time and under budget with feasibility
Create designs in all requested media formats
Work to ensure that the project progresses at an acceptable rate, barring unavoidable interference (e.g., delays due to unexpected weather)
Resolve other civil engineers’ design and development issues
Manage budgets and project resources
Schedule material and equipment purchases and deliveries
Make sure the project complies with legal requirements, especially health and safety
Prepare public reports, such as property and right-of-way descriptions, bid proposals, and environmental impact statements.
Job Qualifications and Skill Sets

Below are the qualifications expected of a civil engineer:

Bachelor’s degree or higher in civil engineering; master’s degree in civil engineering a plus
Proficiency in drafting and modeling applications such as Autodesk Inventor, Maya, and AutoCAD
Minimum two years in a professional engineering firm or one year spent as a freelance engineer
Having passed the Principles and Practice of Engineering exam
Strong mathematical and analytical skills
Project management in accordance with the Bureau of Labor Statistics
Strong problem-solving and communication skills
Soft skills including:
Verbal and written communication
Knowledge of relevant legislation
Ability to adhere to budgets, submit necessary budget amendments, and adhere to timelines
Foreign welcome to apply.

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